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Hand Made..

Heheeee..hands made from Bangkok Thailand..it's cute lol..wew..
gift from my superLover his brother went to Bangkok..Something like kids..but its to cute for me=)...i like that an elephant..hands made limited edition heheee..don't have in Malaysia u know..hahaaa..(fuckin jerk!!)...if we look at Malacca, so many choose i suppose..ngeh3=p

will be right back if I've something new to share it..daaaa =p..

helo..i'm back for show something new item i bought  from http://www.ebay.com/...heheee lets check it out!!

Buying by online..

heheee=)...that the new item i want to share with u'll, this item came from Australia and secret price..i can't tell u..heheee..simple easy going lol..i like this pattern....Two weeks for waiting this item..huh..make me so excited =)...finally, ended a waiting..wewww....im happy.. ;)...

will be right back if I've something new to share it..daaaa =p..

yuhuuuu...back..back...again with new item i got it..heheeee =D

New pattern..
Awesome!!..this item a new pattern from sloggi..just bought this at Jusco City Tebrau Johor....hihiiiii...before this i bought this item without the case..but now.. what i want to show ...this item come with new pattern and case..its cute rite..heheee..have various color and size u can choice...try it..=D....

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