Hobbies&habit x)...

Seem like cooL...lol=)..i love what i do..and u???..hahaaaa..

adore this theme..
hye guys..that's my bit hobbies to collect cute things..I don't know why i like this theme..hehee..perhaps that's the little girl make me amusing..woOoh..how can i get this theme for my bedspread??..whos care!!..wahahhaaaa...

That's wall for my room..=D
woOohoo..u got that the brilliant idea like me!!..haha. . what i want to show that my creativity..its simple & nice rite..heeeee..but not for whole wall, there only for main position where i see that a perfect seems..for those who want to make order please call that the number i shown..1300-88-8888..what the number ha???..don't know..hahaaa!!

simple edge..for fill my leisure time=)
Guys..did u know what the retrenchment??..heheee..the some point I'm not narrative for retrenchment..that i want to tell u about my diligence haha..i'm slacker for reading but I'm crust to do this activity...at one go bring we saving money for buy it...heheeee..its simple what..limited only has by me..=)

awesome..thats a favourite (not too laa...hihii) ice cream i like to buy it coz its delicious & yummy ...but its too expensive for 1 scoop have charge MYR8.00...huh!!..what can i say...its goody dessert..hehee..=p 

hey ho..Let's chat!!..wew..=D

What r u looking for!!